Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Puppies, Cats, Fish, Oh My!

Married with [siblings'] children
We just got back from the Hoosier State - we spent some time up there with family before and after my younger brother tied the knot. He is now a married man!

Getting to be in the Midwest, out in the country, running in the grass, jumping in the pond, reconnecting with the earth -- all those good things -- was good for all of us.  The weather is still quite nice, breezy and sunny, so it was easy to spend almost the entire day outside (when we weren't in Indianapolis for wedding festivities).  Mia & Gabe had a fantastic time outdoors and eventually warmed up to Mommo & Papa Jack's new dogs, Gunnar, a rat terrier, and Greta, a rottweiler.

"I'm in a boat!"

Greta loved Gabe (and Gabe's food scraps)

Rides in the Mule are exhausting (shirts optional)

On our end, everything went smoothly for Jackson & Ashleigh's wedding too.  The kids cooperated and all my fears of wrestling with a squealing toddler were put to rest as Gabe managed to actually sit still and be quiet (yay)!

Obligatory dressed-up family pic

Wiley Cousins
Gabe, the dapper little dude and Greg, the usher
We had a great time away and traveling and the kids picked up a few new skills (Gabe, how to overcome fear of dogs; Mia, how to fish)...and Greg and I added another set of stories to tell about the time our kids navigated travel, rehearsals, weddings, and overnight stays in hotels.  

This about sums up how we felt coming home!