Friday, October 23, 2009


No, this is not a post about me and independence. Or about the 4th of July which was oh so many moons ago.

This independence is about the joy Mia is experiencing from getting stronger, bigger and more interested and alert in her surroundings. I can't remember now just why Mia was shirtless, but obviously she had just been changed out of some clothes and was playing around in her Bumbo seat and looking *purty* cute while doing it.

For your viewing pleasure :

Just needs a cup of coffee and she'll look a bit more natural

A close-up for her modeling headshots

"I'm the [queen] of the world!"

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Gerald Stephanie and Garrett said...

How cute! We LOVE and I mean LOVE our Bumbo! It's just like you said, it totally made Garrett feel more independent. He loved it!