Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An update on ma' medical condition...

First, let's get the Mia picture out.  It's been a while.

She's already such a good Bible student. *Sigh*
I had my follow-up appointment Tuesday morning with the integrative medicine office.  (All before the pill-stuck-in-throat incident.)  They got my monster labs back from the 19-vial blood draw and we were able to discuss my results.  Most everything came back within normal ranges.  Funny when you first hear that, you think, "Well then, what in the world is 'wrong' with me?" also tempered with, "Okay, what's not normal?" and then, "Well, it's good I'm mostly healthy.  Props to me!" 

Alas, most everything came back totally normal. The only things that were a bit low were my testosterone and thyroid levels, but not dangerously low, just something to keep an eye on.  The PA said those could continue to work themselves out from the detox and by continuing the diet.  She said future medication is a possibility but doesn't want to go that route if I don't need it. Me neither, thank you!

What was high was my "anti-DNA."  Something in my body is against my DNA, and creating an antibody for it.  Sarcastically, I'm thinking, thanks body, for being against my own DNA!  But it's an autoimmune response, and the PA shared something with me that finally shed some light on an event that's perplexed us for a good 16 months.  The anti-DNA business going on in my body could be what spurred the blood clot.  There were antibodies floating around in my blood and started a clot.  Isn't it weird to think that all of this could be from some totally unintentional combination of diet and [excessive] medication??  I guess after all I've learned these past few years, it doesn't feel so weird as it seems scary.

So the goal is to continue the diet for 2 more months.  I'm not surprised and I'm not forlorn either, as I actually feel better on the diet: less fatigued, crampy and foggy.  Occasionally, I wish I could eat more convenience foods or red meat or pork, but I've found a few "allowed" treats that really make it not so bad.  And after today's debacle, I did treat myself to a Chick-Fil-A guilty pleasure, which has been my biggest diet transgression thus far.  The PA said to just stick to the diet as much as I could and now that we're 3.5 weeks in, I think I'll be able to, for the most part.  I really don't want to fall off the bandwagon and reverse any progress, so that's motivation enough for me. 

I'm still often perplexed about what this means for Lil' Mia though as she has inherited some of my genes.  As she's shown reactions to dairy milk, I constantly war with myself on how to feed her.  A lot of times those with casein (the protein in cow's milk) sensitivities are gluten sensitive too, but dairy & bread & pasta products are almost considered "staples" of recommended toddler diets, and Mia likes her buttered toast every morning and I'm happy to give her a little fat from the butter and just a little grain.  Most of the time she likes the protein options we offer her, certain veggies, and lots of fruits.  She loves coconut milk based products, which also provide her with some fat, calcium, magnesium and some protein.  But whenever she seems to have a reaction to something, it's hard to tell if it's from food I've given her or if it's from teething.

I tell ya, parenting is a lot of guesswork at times.  I'm just happy her shoe size has changed, because I know she's growing. 

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