Friday, May 25, 2012

Ending the informal hiatus

I'm "back."  Oh, you didn't know I left?  Well, I sorta did. I sorta cheated on the internet with the real world and that tangible thing called my family.  It was good and I'm glad to be back with my first loves.  

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, even the "new" darling, Instagram, are all lovely, but they don't compare to seeing the world through your own eyes and talking to people with your own voice and hearing theirs back through your own ears.  That, my friends, can never be substituted.

Per my usual, there are a million things I still wanna say, a ton of blog posts in my head yet unwritten, and seemingly dozens of photos I have not yet shared.  The world will certainly move on if these things never make it from my brain to the screen, but, it might be a little less cheery :D, so I'll see what can be done about that.

For now, 'tis Memorial Day weekend, and we got some things to do ...

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