Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chronicles of a Stay-at-Home-Mother

Sophie the Giraffe
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Chronicles of a Stay-at-Home-Mother
Subtitle: Things Fall Apart & Things Come Together

Somedays, I sit back and listen to my inner voice about the things that I celebrate and the things that I loathe and can only make fun of myself.  So sad about losing Sophie the Giraffe teething toy to someone else at Target?  Thrilled that my daughter is potty-trained, and so excited when we hear her tinkle?  Excited about the many opportunities surfacing to now make healthy freezer cooking meals?
Seriously, who am I?  A SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), that's who I am.

Lest I start to get cynical and think these things aren't valuable or worthwhile, I remind myself, they are:

Sophie was an investment I made in faith. Firstly, that buying a famous rubber teething toy that hails from France wouldn't result in my flying around the story like a willy-nilly trying to find her in every crook and cranny and calling guest services more than once to inquire about her, but alas, when she was no longer seen in Gabe's carseat cozily tucked in next to him, that's exactly what I did.  Also, she was great for Gabe to chew on.  Good investment, that unfortunately someone else is now banking on...

That's not Mia.Photo credit: life123.com

Now, as you (should) know, potty-training is a life skill.  Think about how many times a day you use the bathroom (or...don't), and thank your parents or some other kind individual that they taught you how to control this bodily function.

Freezer Meals
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And freezer meals*....huzzah! To not have to worry about how I'm going to make dinner every night  -  I mean, the proverbial "what's for dinner?" question would never again send me into hysterics.

Now, to get back to Downton Abbey before the kids wake up (yeah right).

*Other healthy real food options for freezer cooking that I've recently found:
Health Home & Happiness Grain-free Freezer Cooking
Once a Month Mom - Whole Foods menu (they also have gluten-free & dairy-free menus too!)

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Sarah Moran said...

megan, i love this post! you always have such good and helpful resources on here. muchas gracias. i have sent this on to other friends too :)