Monday, July 16, 2012

It was the best of times...

It was the worst of times.
-Charles Dickens

Say it with me now.

Nothing in life ever stays the same for quite too long!

Summer in Florida is a constant flux of heat, sunshine and rain, and with it can come endlessly long days ... certain things make it much easier, like weeks of VBS, girls nights, and anniversary dinners, so the good certainly balances out the bad, and we definitely needed some balancing out around here.

With teething comes a few more long nights (with short bouts of sleep), so occasionally I've felt like this bear:
all out-of-sorts & upside down

Afternoon storms make a tired girl crash on the couch:

Anniversary dinners mark 5 years!

eating our hearts out at Texas de Brazil (a Brazilian steakhouse)
And there's hardly nothing a quick trip through Target can't solve:

In other news, we may have found a new hangout spot for the local ladies with little ones. Call me cliche, but I've always wanted a place where the kids could be free to play and run around while I enjoy a latte.  Unfortunately, Starbucks can only do so much for tots + bebes, but enter Monkey Bizness at our local outdoor shops, and we're already in love.  An indoor jungle gym of sorts, a bounce house + slide, and even a crawlers area for Gabe!  There's also an art room in the back if the kids get a little spent running around.  We spent a couple of hours there today and tuckered both kids out pretty well and I can definitely say I'm really looking forward to going back!

Gabe owning the "crawlers" zone

Mia painting "happy trees," complete with hippie braid

Braden coloring a car
Welcome back, moments of sanity. I needed you!

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Jana said...

WOW! I NEED.. a place like that near me!! How fun!! I can't believe how big Gabe is! Didn't you have him yesterday? They are both precious! Glad yall are doing good!