Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coming up on 12 months...

a sweater for my Caribou mug :)
This week is full of memories for me. It was just a year ago I was getting ready (but didn't know it'd be so soon!) to welcome Gabe into the world.  And I think fall just creates a sense of "good vibes" for everyone.  Even if the leaves don't change very much here, there is a change in the feel outside and everyone, including myself, enjoys the letdown from the constant heat in Florida.  With all the weather changes on the eastern seaboard, it seems we are cooling down over here and everyone's pulling out the sweaters and boots - my kids are no exception.

I've been on the hunt for many things over the past week - items for Gabe's birthday party, halloween costumes, my friend's baby shower, and getting prepped for the holidays to come. It's been a fun time and it's helping me get in the spirit - even if sometimes all the work gets me a tad overwhelmed.  'Tis the season!

We found this wagon at Goodwill last Friday when I was looking for Halloween costumes for Gabe. It was only $3. How could I say no? Now I'm curious about finding a bigger wagon I can pull both of them in.  It's been a hit around here.

We got some new boots for Mia. It was time for an upgrade.  Girl must know fashion because she was insistent on wearing them almost immediately.  These are from Target, available in dark brown and black. (pictured: dark brown)

My old roomies are both pregnant and would you know there are 3 babies in this picture? Yes, LP is having twins!! Both a boy and a girl. Andrea is due in March, expecting a little chica!

More babies!! My 2nd oldest brother and his wife Allison welcomed baby McKaber "Mack" last week. He is so cute, although we need to visit him again really soon.  He was only hours old in this picture.  Can't believe Gabe is just about a year older than his cousin...it won't be very long till hopefully he and Mack are palling around!

In other news, Gabe's birthday and party are this Saturday!  Once he is officially 1, I think it will feel a little strange to think of him no longer as a baby - but he is still a baby to me!  I am starting to see some toddler behavior break through though - little outbursts here or there when he doesn't get what he wants, a little back-arching, and wanting to be on the move all the time.  It used to be when we shopped, Mia was the tricky one to handle and Gabe would just lay in his carseat or calmly sat in the infant seat.  Now, he is squirming to get out and Mia is telling me what she thinks looks good or what she wants. Jr. Shopper & Jr. Mover.  That's what we have going on right now.  Shopping trips may need to be reevaluated in the future and Gabe might be riding in the babyhawk lest he finagle his way out of the straps in the cart and topple out! :-O  
Or, I just might not go shopping ever anymore.  Probably the best solution for all of us.  ;)

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