Friday, November 9, 2012

My little man is 1 year old!

3 days old, leaving the hospital
Last Saturday, our little man took the plunge and became a 1 year old!  We had a party with friends and family that very night and had a wonderful time.  Aside from the stress I put myself through leading up to the party, we thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Gabe into his second year as a "little man."

at home with Mommo
Maybe it's because this wasn't my first rodeo, and maybe some of it is because he's been a very chill baby, but I feel like I can say I enjoyed every day of his first year.  Sure, I was definitely tired, and still am some days, but his little smiles, snuggles and his general easy-going nature have made the transition as a family of 3 to 4 that much easier.  I think that is why I'm a little sad to see these baby days go by.  They were here, and now they're gone! We're already writing up year two now for Gabe.  Oh, he's going to be a little man :)

Day 2, with his little ducky from his big sister

The theme of his party literally was "LITTLE MAN," and we had mustache props for everyone and a fake transportable photo booth.  Thanks to Greg's great idea (never discount the creativity of your husband), we bought a package off Etsy, where all I had to do was print out the materials on cardstock and cut them out.  So, a little physical labor and a trip to the craft store was required, but it made for some really cute decorations that I actually didn't want to take down.  We invited lots of Gabe's little man friends from church and our in-town family, and served up chili, guacamole, tortilla chips, hot doggies, fruit & veggies for the kids, and Gabe was presented with his first cupcake.  RESULT: Cupcake, 1; Frosting, 0.  Good thing I didn't go overboard on the frosting (just a simple buttercream), but he loved the cupcake recipe from Nourished & Nurtured.

I'd say the party was a success! Our party favors for the little ones were the ever-popular fruit pouch squeezy snacks. Flava of the day was spinach, pear and mango.
Happy 1st Birthday, Gabe!

soooooo tired!

he's a snugglebug

You can see the rest of the pictures on my Facebook account, provided we are "friends"! ;)

We love you!
Daddy, Mommy & Mia

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