Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meal plans, meal plans, we all scream for meal plans!

I have to confess, I don't use Pinterest much, but when it comes to pinning recipes or articles I might want to read later, I do find the use of Pinterest helpful.  I just haven't gotten sucked into it the same way others say they have, but given my tendencies to get sucked into other things, I would say that's not a bad thing!

Regardless, I am using Pinterest right now as a visual reminder of a meal plan. The end of April looks busy for us, so it's been made a priority again to meal plan! Lately, I've kind of just been flying by on the seat of my pants, which has actually worked out okay, but has maybe resulted in eating out a bit more than we'd like.

So here is my meal plan for the rest of the month. I only pinned about 10 meals because I think we'll be out a few evenings.
The lineup:

Two soups, a few different types of tacos/burritos, and a couple of Asian-inspired dishes. Something to change it up from the usual.  And oh yeah, what's not featured on Pinterest? Beef stew and a roast chicken.  The Roast Chicken will serve as the basis for a few of these other meals!

What's on your meal plan?

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