Saturday, July 20, 2013

Living Life Unplugged

Original Photo by MTSOfan on Flickr
About a month ago, I was struggling with my attitude. I wasn't getting the necessary things done around the house I normally accomplished, I was distracted with my kids, and I was feeling guilty and depressed about how I was using my time. I realized it was time to take a Facebook fast. Greg had taken an extended twitter break since May, so I knew I could break some ties with another social media giant. I deleted the Facebook app off my iPhone (horrors!!) and if I needed to check something on there, I'd get on my laptop (which is "more work," which meant if I'm feeling lazy, the extra steps to plug in laptop and point browser to Facebook wasn't always worth it).

Photo by Sparky on Flickr
The fast lasted about two weeks, and then I added the Facebook app back onto my phone.  I also put the Facebook on a different screen and not my homepage, so that it wouldn't be the first thing I'd see when I looked at my phone.

Since the fast, I've thought about what it means to purposefully unplug. I love to be connected to others digitally or in real life so putting down the phone can be a real challenge at times, but you can read my guest post at Modern Alternative Mama about 4 ways to mindfully unplug here.

What are your thoughts on intentional breaks and fasts?

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