Friday, September 11, 2009


Is it September already? I think the month of August flashed by in an instant. It was just weeks ago (right?) that I was thinking, "September won't be for a while. I have time to prepare for this."
Which reminds me - I totally forgot to pick up my bridesmaid dress from the alteration shop this week! Let's hope they're open on Saturdays or that I can quickly run and grab it Monday morning. OOPS. Slight oversight. My mind's not as brilliant as it once was...thanks to motherhood. :-D

So yes, a bridesmaid dress. I'm in my eldest brother's wedding next week, indeed, a week from tonight, as a bridesmaid. I was so honored to be asked, and really quite surprised. He is marrying a very sweet soul, who is also a labor & delivery nurse. She works at the very hospital where I was born years ago. As a family, we're braving the airports and planes and flying up to Minnesota early next week and will be in my beloved Twin Cities for about 6 days. I'm excited yet nervous about flying with a 4 month old. Everyone says it'll be fine and babies this age are pretty easy to travel with. I think it's more all the junk we'll be hauling with us that I'm worried about. Will we pack the right things? Pack too much? Not enough? Forget something majorly important? All these things...
I guess that's what Super Target is for, and since we're going to Minneapolis where Target's headquarters are, we'll be in a safe distance of several Targets once we hit our destination. Can we say *sigh of relief*.

Well, enough of me. I'm aware enough to know that most visit this blog for pictures of Mia and I do not want to disappoint.
Here's a few word updates though:
-She rolled over, tummy to back, 2x on Monday. Good girl!
-She slept through the night (which I personally consider to be past 6am) 3x this week. Thank you!
-And she found her hands/fingers a few weeks ago, where she'll sit and stare at them like they're super cool.

She's pretty amazing, that Mia.

With the glasses, she's posing as Joe Madden, the Rays baseball coach.
The other picture is Mia modeling her 2 piece Calvin Klein ensemble. I wasn't sure about this outfit when I saw it on the hanger, but when I put it on Mia it fit her like a glove (well, a little long in the legs, but longer pants > high waters, yes?)

And I'm sure I'll have more pictures after next week!


Rhonda said...

Are those Luke's glasses? I thought about asking you via email if you had picked up your dress earlier in the week. Guess I should have. I think Mia knows when the camera is pointed in her direction.

Rose said...

when is she gonna dance? got some jackson time in at the nine party last week--only wish his awesome sister, bro in law and niece could have joined in!