Monday, September 28, 2009

Wasn't I just saying...?

Yeah, Mia is already 5 months.

I know some babies that were born after her are already bigger than her, but I pick her up now and look at her and think, this baby is HUGE!

What can she do now?
-Roll over, bof ways
-Sleep through the night (well, on occasion, but there was a great string of 6 nights in a row)
-Work math problems using the quadratic equation
-Take random midday 3 hr naps
-Make sounds that sound like "hey" or "hi" or "okay"
-Style her own hair

We've always said she is very advanced.
You decide which of those above are true.


Jenn said...

A few months ago it definitely sounded like Ethan said hamburger. She's a cutie Megan!

Rose said...

Puhleeze...I was using the quad equation when I was 3 mos...she's behind, Megan.