Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting used to a new way of life

Since having Mia, my perspective on day to day things has had to change, adapt and evolve quite a bit.

Now that I stay home, I find the littlest things enjoyable, such as:

  • walking outside to check the mail

  • loading the dishwasher (especially when there's been a backup and all the dishes clouding the sink and countertop are spatially arranged in the dishwasher -- I guess you could say in some small way it exercises the tetris sector of my brain...didn't you know we all have one of those? Trust me, I was a psych major)

  • making coffee, sitting down, and then enjoying that cup of coffee

  • writing about 4,892 blogs in my head, when about .07% of those are actually published

There are certainly more little things I find enjoyable, but usually, and as illustrated right now, my mind is all over the place and it's hard to collect it all neatly in one place!

In other news, we traveled for Thanksgiving up to Greg's parents' in north Nashville. I was a bit nervous about traveling to begin with, because we were to drive up the day before Thanksgiving, leaving early afternoon. It's normally a 10-12hr drive, kid or no kid, and the last time we drove up in July, it took so much longer! However, even though Mia woke up with a fever that day and some nasal congestion, she was a great traveler and we probably only stopped 3 times, making it in 11 hrs! Being upright in her carseat helped her nose to drain, and the fever broke over night. We found out Thursday that the fever was probably teething-related, as her first little bottom center tooth cut! What a girl.
Unfortunately, now we're all at some stage of sickness. Mia is still sick, with a croupy sort of cough and still some congestion. Greg already had the sore throat/congestion earlier this week, and guess what lucky person woke up with a sore throat today? Yes, moi. I thought since I hadn't gotten sick this past week I was in the clear. Guess not.

Well, I have a raspy baby rolling around on the floor crying for my attention ("Stop blogging mommy!") so...must get going.
PS: The picture of Greg & Mia is from the Grand Ol' Opry, which we attended Friday night!


Gerald Stephanie and Garrett said...

She is sooo adorable Megan!! Glad the trip went well! Have a great first Christmas with little Mia!

Aubree said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE! I feel the same way about writing a million blogs in my head. I wish I had the time (more so, the patience) to write them all! Doesn't look like that will happen any time soon! Haha!

Rhonda said...

I sure do like Mia's picture on the kitchen counter. Would you mind sending me that one in an email?