Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be Real

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Be Real.
"Be Real. There is no need to appear as a great pillar of strength, to not let others know that I too have struggles and problems and weaknesses. If people really knew how weak I was, they would never look to me for support. Then so be it. Don't hide behind a gilded layer of superficial piety. Be broken. Be real. Confession is needed, not something to hide or run from. Let go of the pieces of your own identity and let your identity be found in God. Let self be lost - so a new person can emerge... one that is honest, unafraid to be exposed and obviously human. God sent His Son to save such a one." -A. Ortlund

The challenge with keeping a family blog is handling the delicate line between sharing too much and not sharing honestly. I've never meant to be a "all is peachy keen!" sort of blogger, nor do I want to constantly cross the line with people scratching their heads thinking, "I can't believe she said that!" (We've all seen examples of both.) So, I just want to "be real." True to self without sacrificing too much privacy that's just for me and my family or for me and God. Sometimes that may be blasé, or sometimes "the lady doth protest too much." But, it'll be "me."

Here's to being real.


Rose said...

as long as you don't host "Crossing the Line" with your co-host Laura Hinely, I think you'll be fine.

Megan said...

You know, that did CROSS my mind, Rose. Did you know that that show stills airs occasionally? ;P

Aubree said...

Love this post. I always question whether or not I've "shared" to much, or not "shared" enough (especially with a blog dealing with obstetrical issues--HAHA!).

Megan said...

Don't worry, Aub, I don't classify your blog as either one of the two extremes!