Friday, January 22, 2010

Things I love

I've probably started posts like these dozens of times and never finished them, because I'm not sure what direction they'll ultimately end up taking, but I'm in one of those moods where I feel like gushing. So with no further adieu, the most up to date random compilation of things I currently love:

Cloth Diapers. Call me a weirdy, but I love them. We use pocket diapers like Fuzzibunz, Bum Genius and Smartipants. Do the names alone just not appeal to you? They're really quite simple to use, not as gross as people may think, and a 'snap' to take care of. We don't use diaper pins or anything that might pinch or stick Mia. The diapers stay together with snaps or velcro tabs and are colorful and give her booty nice padding.

Here, Mia is modeling a yellow Fuzzibunz circa Halloween 2009.

Little barrettes and bows in Mia's hair. I've found a bowmaker online from whom I've bought several custom made bows. Mia's sporting enough hair now that they'll stay put and it's fun to accessorize her outfits.

Here she is sporting her skulls & crossbones bow, looking very rough and tough. She wore this last Sunday when the Vikings beat...whoever they were playing. It's light purple to boot.

Colors. I love the colors of purple, green, yellow and orange on her. She has plenty of pink, and I do like that as well, but I find the other colors more interesting. A lovely shade of turquoise or teal are quite charming on her skin tone.

This flows into my love of babylegs and cute hats as well. Here, Mia is showing off a combination of both!

And furthermore, I love the website Baby Steals. They have so many amazing deals on there! That is where I've gotten Mia's baby legs, that cute little purple hat, teething bling (cute jewelry your baby can safely chew on!) and a few other things. Basically, I realized I have a short window of time that I can let my creativity be expressed through Mia's style. It probably won't be all that long when she puts her foot down and says, "NO! I don't want to wear that!" or, "I don't like that color!" but for now...Mia is dressing how I'd like to dress if I were a delicious little 8 month old.

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