Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I just have to share.

I make casual references to it here or there, but if you don't know, I grew up in the fantabulous town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Yeah, it's in the Upper Midwest.  In fact, it IS the Upper Midwest.  Minnesota touches Canada, you betcha.  And if you've never seen pictures, it does snow there.  Sometimes.  Maybe anytime from October to March, on average.

YET...somehow...I don't know how...Money Magazine ranked Eden Prairie, MN, as America's #1 best place to live.  

But wait, didn't you say it snows anytime between October and March?  Didn't you insinuate that since it's so northerly, it's probably cold??

Yes, yes I did.  

But you know what?  It don't matter!  Because in Minnesota, we have Minnesota Nice.  We have outdoorsy stuff to do even when it's cold, because it's cold!  Because we know life doesn't stop just because there's a negative windchill.  No, it goes on.  

See fo' yourself:

"[T]here's plenty of outer beauty: from gently rolling hills to 17 lakes that residents flock to year-round for swimming and ice skating. Town parks are laced with 125 miles of running, hiking, and biking trails.

No wonder residents rank among the healthiest people in the nation. Add in top-notch schools and safe streets and you've got a place that's tough to beat."

Yep, that's where I grew up folks.

As Matt Lauer said so eloquently: "Minnesota, really kickin' butt on this list." 

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Rhonda said...

You are and always will be a Minnesota girl at heart! I do miss the trails.

Rose said...

amen, Rhonda. Congrats, EP! I've always enjoyed my times there.

Allison said...

Yeah for EP and by the way I love your new #1 song on the playlist. One of my favs!

Kirsty said...

Yeah for EP! We lived in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park for many years! It's our home! Thanks for following!

I heart Minnesota.