Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Week in the Life of Mia - A Photo Essay (July 2010)

This summer is flying by. I barely have time to really post what's going on, so the scant pictures I have taken will just have to suffice.  I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Letting mommy turn her into Rainbow Brite for Storytime

"How do I look?"

Ciampa family picture, July 2010
(6.5 months till one more bug is added--Amanda's expecting!)

Minnesota Love - 
days after the announcement about Eden Prairie & the morning of our 3rd wedding anniversary!

Freaking out with Granddad

So excited to see daddy!

Hanging out with the gparents & cuz while mommy's...

at a wedding with friends!

Checking her emails

Cruising around the house after church...

because baby dolls need walks just as much as tiny humans do


Rose said...

hate to say this...but i have the same mug with "san diego" on it...yay for mass marketing! also, the bride's dress is gorgeous...and, of course, mia is just daaaarling!

Rhonda said...

Mia certainly has enjoyed pushing her baby stroller. That was a great gift! I recognize the dress she is wearing - cute. Your Ciampa family picture is very good. So nice you could all be together. FYI - I enjoy your music selections.