Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Floridian LIFE

First of all, I have to just share that it's actually "cold" in Florida!  My Minnesotan heritage will never let me vanquish the fact that all references to the cold in Florida must be tempered (no pun intended) with knowing what true coldness feels like and we're talking like sub-zero temperatures.  Anyway--it was actually 45°F this morning--chilly for us!

Secondly, I have to say that since I posted a meal-plan for this past week, wouldn't you know that some of our meals were total busts?  Nothing like butchering your so-called standby week!  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
Thankfully the turkey burgers & sweet potato fries pulled through.  As Greg would say, "Clutch!"  

But alas, I'm really here to share a slathering of pictures from this past week.  Mia had a bit of a fussy week (teething, sleep problems, just your typical baby/toddler predicaments) but hopefully we're back on the up-and-up.  Nothing super special about these pictures, just Mia being sweet!

loving the car-cart at Publix
a preppy fall outfit
snacking on a carrot with her "beebee"

In other news, Mia & her cousin had a good time playing tonight and iChatting with the grandparents.  This stuff was too cute not to share!

For now, we're looking forward to a visit from Mommo this coming week!  Playtime, free babysitting and family bonding.  Ooooh yeah!

PS: Don't forget Daylight Savings Time!  FALL BACK, y'all.

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Rose said...

total busts? i don't know if i believe it. also, mia looks fab in her legwarmers.