Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ponytails & The In Between

Behold, the first ponytail:

Ponytail shot
Mia's cute blonde hair has grown in quite a bit in the back, and after a nap or a car ride it's like Raggedy Ann Version 2.0, so lately we've been trying to pull it back into a little ponytail.  It doesn't always stay in long, but long enough to work out the tangly kinks!

Glamour Shot

Action Shot
We were invited to a family friend's house last night for a Fall Festival.  As fall arrives a bit late in Tampa, the timing was perfect because we were able to play outside in the late afternoon, eat as the sun set, and then roast smores later in the night over a fire pit.  All the kiddies had a great time...but Mia was not down with the group shot later on.
Group Shot / Night of Terror

Where's Elmo??
For now, we're just in the "in between".  Mommo was here this past week and came at a perfect time as Mia got sick Tuesday night and Wednesday and it was super helpful to have the day shift relief.
I tried something new this time when it came to Mia's cold.  As soon as Mia was showing signs of sickness in the middle of the night, I began administering 1 tablet of Aconite an hour throughout the rest of the day (up to 12/day).  By the end of the day Wednesday she was feeling better, and slept through the night and Thursday was like normal again! Aconite is a homeopathic tablet (super small) that you dissolve underneath the tongue.  I will be trying this myself if I start to feel sick soon.  I couldn't believe the turnaround, but from what I understand, as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms, you can start taking Aconite and it will work faster.  
Aside from that, Mia had a super fun time with Mommo bouncing balls, going on walks, taking care of her babies, and playing with her new purse.  As Mommo's reward, Mia can now say her name, "Mommo"!

Next up: The Cloth Diaper Demo & Thanksgiving prep.  In a quick turn of events, I'm hosting this year at our house.  I'm excited but want to be realistic about the expectations.  It is fun to have another event / project to work towards and it'll keep us busy!


Rose said...

night of terror is right! that group picture is hilarious and not too far off some the more crazy group shots we've done as adults...this pic is also going to be awesome when all the kids are grown up.

Jenny said...

So, you can't help but notice the desperation on all the little faces (Mia is a riot with her "Forget this, I'm outta here" escape) and then, right in the middle is Ethan. You can practically hear him laughing! What a contrast! Could this serve as a study in personality?

Megan said...

@Jenny, quite possibly!! You should've seen Maddie earlier in the night, she was climbing onto the kid tables cleaning everyone's plates & sippy cups! It was hilarious.
I wonder if Ethan is just like his daddy!? ;)

What makes me laugh is Mia's legs sticking straight out, which means big-time rebellion.