Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything in Moderation

Did you know that I'm not very good at returning phone calls anymore?  Or maybe I wasn't ever, and just can't recall my life pre-motherhood??

Something switched after the bambina was born and I just didn't feel like calling people back.  I think, in truth, part of it was because if that friend / medical person / family member heard my voice, they'd know I wasn't doing too swell, and I didn't want to 'fess up to my postpartum baby blues.  But then the other part was that I was actually enjoying the quiet.  When I would have a chance to call someone back (like, I wasn't tending to a newborn, pumping, or trying to catch some zzz's), I just wanted to "sit and be quiet," which is something that I sometimes make fun of my beloved semi-introverted husband for. 

In fact, now, in order for me to talk on the phone, I almost want to be doing something else simultaneously that's worthwhile, so that I feel like I haven't used up all my designated quiet time.  If someone calls, I might start cleaning, or emptying the dishwasher, or sorting laundry, in other words, semi-thoughtless but productive tasks.  So, maybe it's good that people call me, and I answer the phone now, whereas I used to just let it go to voicemail (shame, shame on me!), because then I get things done!

One of my mantras (to steal from Jessica @ Sew Homegrown) for 2011 is
Everything in moderation.

Including phone calls.

And the internet.  

And googling "gluten free dinner recipes."  I mean, c'mon!  Give it up.  

So I'm just going to let go.  Variety is the spice of life, so I'm going to try to kick back and do a little here, a little there, and let moderation balance me out.  But you know, stick to my guns on the important stuff.  (Not that I have guns or even know how to use them, but I'm pretty good on the Wii and have been known to kick a few brothas in self defense.)

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The Bigelows said...

Megan, I am SO that way, especially about the phone. The older I get, the more I don't like it! But since I've moved, it's the only way I can talk to my dearest friends, and even though I love them to death and am always SO glad we got to talk, I have to physically MAKE myself pick up the phone! I do best in the car.

I am also with you about the everything in moderation thing- we type As have to cut ourselves some slack! You are not alone! ;-)