Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why coconut milk?

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Occasionally I am asked why Mia drinks coconut milk.  In truth, I know I know the reasons, but I can't always spout them off lickety-split.  So, imagine my delight when The Nourished Kitchen (a neat new foodie blog I've been following) does an expose on how to make your own coconut milk, from a real coconut.  Not that I've ever done that, but maybe that will be just one of the things I try this year!

In other news, here's something new I started doing the last few months of 2010, and maybe it will be helpful for you too.

Do you always pick up the same items at the store, nearly in the same quantity?  Now that we're a family of 3 with a pretty regular schedule, it seems that we consistently go through the same food items from month to month.  Of course, I try to stock up and save when these items may be on sale at the local grocery or health food store, but I have found that sometimes an even better option is shopping online.

Mia guzzling down her "coco" & discovering her
Dyson vacuum cleaner on Christmas morning!
I follow Saving Naturally and from time to time, she'll post updates of deals on Amazon.com.  You can "subscribe & save" and save 15% more on those items if you subscribe to buying that particular item every month, two months, or so on.

So for us, because Mia is a little coconut milk drinker, we regularly "save" and receive a shipment of 12 cans of coconut milk per month, and Coombs Grade B Maple Syrup every 2 months.  These prices are just as good or better than what I can get at my local health food store with coupons. And shipping is free.  So why not do that?  I promise I'm not being paid by Amazon or these companies.  Just wanting to help a brotha or a sista out!!

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Jessica said...

I just bought a carton of coconut milk this week - it is really good and Charlotte likes it a lot. It's probably the best non-dairy milk I've tried. Have you ever tried hemp milk? The chocolate kind is pretty good and it's soooo good for you. Happy bday btw!