Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty-Ten. 365 days and DONE.

2010 was a good year.  It may sound prosaic but it was a year in which we have learned a LOT.  For many of my friends, the latter half of the year was extraordinarily challenging, and watching them go through the ups and downs of this unpredictable life was unsettling and disconcerting at times.  But it brought ME hope to see them still cling on to the ONLY thing worth clinging onto: their faith in God.  In some ways my heart has never been more stirred.  I know it only needs more stirring, though.  Which is why I'm really looking forward to 2011.

I'm sure there will be many more good times, learning times, sad times, contemplative times, exciting times, boring times, and growing times.  May you be blessed with a combination that leaves you feeling more thankful than before!

Happy New Year!  

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Tiffany said...

One night recently, when I thought I was losing my mind, I went to my computer and wrote a gratitude list with a little explanation of why I included each one. It helped even more than I thought it would.