Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a December photo montage

Enter pigtails!

Enter cheesy smiles!

And enter "cold" weather!  I'm a Minnesotan Mama with a Florida baby!  It was 41°F this morning and we were outside for a while.  Picture this: I'm bundled in a warm sweater & scarf & mittens and I can barely get the same on Mia.  I was lucky to get a 2nd layer on top.  This Florida baby is gonna push her fingers' & nose's limit when we go to Indiana soon!

PS: Fun Fact: Greg & I were engaged 4 years ago yesterday, on December 6, 2006!  Can't believe it's been that "long," but it's been fun!  Don't we look a bit younger?
Can you see my bling??

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laura said...

LOVE the stripey dress!!