Friday, December 10, 2010

little bugaboo

I notice I have more to post if I'm actually taking more pictures!  (Fancy that?)

The other night we took advantage of free museum admission to the Glazer Children's Museum in downtown Tampa.  For the next few months, they offer free admission for everyone from 4-8pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month.  It was crowded, there was a line outside to get in, and it was cold, but it was worth it to get in. 

where do I start??

enjoying her .00341 seconds commanding the steering wheel



necessary family shot
The other week, when Mommo was in town, we spied some very inexpensive felt stockings at Joann Fabrics, and very inexpensive felt stickers with which one could decorate said stockings.  An idea was born and today it was realized.  We had some family & friends over for hot chocolate and a stocking decorating party!

From L to R: Amanda (housing baby Abby), Braden, Callie, Mia, Loren & Maddie

doesn't Amanda look great for 34/35 weeks pregnant?

being "craftastic"

Loren really figured it out quite quickly--she must have an eye for these things!

Mia pushing Callie around -- pretty sure they both enjoyed the jaunt

I oft hesitate to post pictures of group gatherings, such as a playdate, for fear someone feels left out.  Yet the pics of the kiddies are cute! My ideal philosophy is: invite who you can, take turns with the folks, and try to be mindful.  I would love to invite the whole world but sometimes smaller parties are more manageable, are they not?

Hope everyone's had a great week & is headed into a fun weekend.  Only 15 days till Christmas. Are you ready?  (Are you ready?)



Tiffany said...

I was so disappointed when I realized that the childrens museum wasnt opening until after we left. We never got to Mosi or the hands on either, though.

Rose said...

nice beard, dad! i am offended that i wasn't invited, but i'll deal.

Megan said...

I know, Rose. We are definitely are the biggest jerks. But remember, we did invite you to the World Cup party, and you Dave *declined* for some reason. Still harboring resentment o'er that one! JK JK.