Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy birthday, G-Unit!

The man of this house is 28 years of age today! We talked to his parents last night (Nana & Granddad) and they said he was born on a Saturday--same day as today.  I guess he arrived pretty quickly after Susan woke up at 3:30 in the morning. I told her, "Thank you for birthing Greg" on the phone last night, but I'm not sure she heard me ;)

We love our Daddy/Greg around here for multiple reasons:

  • he mops the kitchen floor
  • he always puts Mia to sleep & has developed a great bond with her
  • he's so proud of having a little boy
  • he knows how to "fold" cloth diapers
  • he's a pro at making Mia's coconut milk - even eyeballing the measurements at times
  • he instituted Daddy Daycare from an early age
  • plays "daddy blanket" with Mia along with many other embarrassing things like chiropractor
  • he makes sure we're all taken care of!
I was scrolling through some of his profile pictures on Facebook and suddenly got reminiscent.
I can't believe how much Mia we've changed since Mia was born.  

All in all, you could say he's a good guy. Happy birthday!!

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