Thursday, February 2, 2012

In need of a title for this post...

In recent events, I clogged up our kitchen pipes so badly that it required a visit from the plumber and dropping a few dolla bills to get it all cleared up.  Lesson learned.  If so much as a scrape of food ever goes down that disposal, I may be forced to never clean up dishes again.  It did get me out of making dinner one night, though.  #findingthesilverlining

Life's been pretty much sweet lately.  There are many little blessings I reflect on each day. Like the fact that things are good and we're taken care of and the weather is beautiful for being outdoors in FL.  That's actually a BIG blessing.  Even when the pipes get clogged or the babies cry or the house is mess, it could always be much worse.  It only takes a few Youtube videos to distract you and make you laugh out loud. There are a few I wish I could share if only the titles didn't contain expletives ('tis a growing rage these days to post videos of "stuff [certain stereotypical groups] say," except the word "stuff" is replaced with another word).  So instead I'll post this video, plus some pretty awesome church singer vids.  Yeah, so these aren't pics of the kids but you can rest assured those are always pretty much available.  Till next time, "just let me be in the word!"

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