Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let the good times roll...

Gabe is 12 weeks TODAY and 3 months from today, Mia turns 3.  It's as if I've blinked and we've been transported through time.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking Mia to Gator Fred's with Ashley & Meli and letting our little 2 year olds run around, and now they're almost the big 3.  I'm just trying to hold on before they grow up too fast before my eyes...

11 weeks, 6 days 

Meli & Mia, posing on the statue

Gabe's first carousel-ride

We went to the zoo yesterday, courtesy of said friend Ashley, and Mia & Meli had a great time. Gabe didn't mind it so much either...he slept through most of it :)  The above picture might have been one of his few awake moments. 

My parents were in town this past weekend and Mia and Gabe both enjoyed spending time with Mommo & Papa Jack.  And Uncle Luke & Aunt Allison.  Sometimes we take for granted how nice it is to live in the same community as family, but Mia & Gabe are blessed with some pretty good aunts & uncles (that also includes you, Uncle Brian & Aunt Amanda!)

Snuggling with Mommo
This was the 2nd time that day Gabe fell asleep on Papa Jack
First, note that Mia loves holding Gabe.
Then, note the crazy Mia-insisted, Maddie-inspired 'do.
One of the very few pictures of me with both keedz
And likewise, one of the very few picture of Greg with both keedz
It's been a busy but good January.  I'm 29, Greg's about to be 28, and we'll be welcoming lots of friends into our home in February. Can't wait to crack some skulls with Jenn from La Gallina Pequeña and see baby Will, and laugh till I cry with Mike & Angie and see baby Ellie.  Let the good times roll...


Leah said...

I know you know this already, but you have 2 BEAUTIFUL children!!

Megan said...

Thanks, Leah! Your {cute} little one is growing like a weed!