Monday, January 9, 2012

2 kids? Whatevs...

As a parent I've become all too familiar with the "My child is so cool and amazing, look what he/she did here, bla bla bla, JINX!!" and then next thing you know, whatever fantastical, amazing, super sweet thing your kid was doing is completely reversed and you've shot yourself in the foot.  It's like you almost don't even want to admit to the good things because before you turn around, they'll be gone. It's silly to think and live life like that but we've all been there, so that's probably why we do it.  

I got to catch up with Miss Ashley and Tiny Meli today at the park while Meli and Mia ran their hearts out and as mommas we got to catch up.  As usual, I enjoyed it and the weather was nothing short of awesome.  This is why we live in Florida. In January.  It's sooo pleasant and I daresay I can feel the sun on my face just a few hours later.  As Ashley is expecting #2 in July, she was asking how it is with two, and I've been thinking about this a lot lately (not only because it's a common question, but also because I've been trying to evaluate it myself), and it's not as scary, bad or awful as I thought. Man, I make it sound like a real dream, don't I?  Some moments of some days I'm hating it, like after the park today when Gabe was hungry, Mia insisted she have (caffeinated) tea in her open/no-lid cup and I said no, and that mommy should hold her, and she basically became hysterical. I blame that on her being overly tired and within 45 minutes later of that episode, she was knocked out cold in a nap on her bed (and Gabe's tummy was full). 
'bout the only time I've ever seen this face on him!

But fo' reals, maybe it's because the early days with Mia were not what I pictured and harder than I imagined (and she was a blessed shock as it was) that this feels loads easier.  Even though there's 2.  Perhaps you've heard people say they didn't think they could love anyone more than they love their first child, and are curious if they'll love their second child just as well.  Maybe something happens to your brain too, because I think I thought I'd potentially find every moment super overwhelming, but something has shifted in my brain and I recognize, "Okay, this is our status for now, and we're gonna figure this thing out.  I'm not going to NOT be able to handle it, and well, should that actually happen, I have this backup team of support.  (And GOD, but that was sort of a given.)" 

I'm not singing from the rooftops every night, proclaiming my blessings (although, maybe I should - everybody needs a little hope these days), but for all the momentary earthly stresses and hiccups, I could say we could do a LOT worse.  Let that not be an invitation, though!

So, with what little experience I have with two so far, let that either be an encouragement or at least something to chew on for those in that I'm not sure if I want another one boat.  You know who you are.

Moving on, I had a great birthday weekend.
Greg and I rented Midnight in Paris on Friday night and I am not ashamed to say I loved it. It was like  European history meets art class meets travels in Europe meets classic literature.  I was taken back in time and well, the actors did a good job too.

Birthday breakfast companions

Saturday morning, we hit up First Watch for breakfast, and then Greg and I saw Sherlock Holmes 2 while Luke & Al watched the children.  For dinner, we ate Ginger Garlic Chicken, which you should DEFINITELY make, and had Chocolate Cupcakes with frosting.  And then I finished up the night by doing something I never imagined I would do at 29 years of age.  I voluntarily watched about 75% of the Republican Presidential Candidate debate.  Who.Am.I???

Sunday night, Luke & Allison had us over for dinner where we ate another amazing meal, and were showered with some gifts.  All in all, it was a great birthday weekend.  I hardly feel 29, but I do feel blessed!

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Rose said...'s how our birthday fail conversation went this weekend:
"wait, what is today's date?"
"Jan 7"
"oh! it's Megan's birthday today. we need to wish her happy b-day"
AND here we are! Happy (belated) birthday! <3 <3 <3