Monday, January 16, 2012


This little guy slays me...

Things I want to remember about this time:
  • How Mia squeals with delight when Gabe opens his eyes or looks at her
  • Mia's impressions of Gabe's mannerisms "He doing this" [acts out his movements]
  • How Gabe smiles and already sort of flirts ;)
  • Mia saying, "You might check the mail, mommy?"  "I want something" "I want some daddy" "I doing this" "Mommy, mommy. You go here and I'll go there. Stay RIGHT there.  Now go to sleep and DON'T wake up." "Nice to meet you, nice to meet guys...nice to meet people!" "Be funny, Mommy, be funny" (which means laugh).
  • Singing "don't do that, don't do that, don't do that" to herself.
  • How Gabe looks so similar but is so different from his sister (chill, better sleeper *knock on wood*)
  • How busy we are but how much fun we are having - how BLESSED we feel
  • How I don't always "carpe diem" but am trying to appreciate the special "kairos" moments

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