Thursday, September 13, 2012

Endearing Moments

No relation to the story - just a fun picture of the gal

The other night, Mia warmed a few hearts during a small-group bible study...

Sunday nights at our church, we're meeting in classrooms to discuss a set of bible readings we've done Monday-Friday of the previous week. One of the stories we read the other week was about the Golden Calf in Exodus. Last week, Greg explained the story to Mia in his own words, and on the way to church Sunday night, he reviewed it with her.  An elder is leading our small group's discussion, and Greg told Mia that he might ask the little kids some questions, and that it would be okay if she answered. He also told her that he would probably speak up in class.  So anyway, that's a little intro....

When we had moved onto the Golden Calf story and the elder was segueing into that, Greg leaned down to the floor (where Mia was sitting), and whispered, "This is the story we talked about!" and as soon as Joe finished saying, "Who can tell me what happened when Moses went up on the mountain?" and was kind of looking at the kids--but not directly at Mia--Mia immediately piped up and started telling the story, in her own words, not even raising her hand, and looking directly at Joe.
It sounded a little like this:
"Moses went up on the mountain to talk to God, and the people stayed at 'the down of the mountain' and, and, and, and, um...and the people took their necklaces and their earrings off and they made a baby cow out of their jewelry."   
(It definitely took her a lot longer to say all that than it did for me to type felt like it lasted 3 minutes in real life but she was probably talking for maybe a minute.)

Joe said, 
"That pretty much sums it up. It sounds like you've been studying that this week."
It was really cute and she spoke very confidently and clearly; I think everyone could understand her, and meanwhile Greg and I were trying to not cry because it was a very proud moment. I saw two people across from me whose eyes were watering, and I had to take Gabe out a minute or so later and people were looking at me like, "Awwwwwwh" and becoming kinda weepy.  I was actually hiding a little bit behind Gabe while she was talking because while I wasn't embarrassed, I could feel myself getting red from all the attention I know she was bringing our way.  It was a good thing and it was really cute. I think the clincher in her story was "baby cow." That probably sent everyone over the edge. 

And then, Gabe.

Silly boy eating frozen blueberries before dinner

how to sign "milk"
This story actually took place the night before.  Greg & I went out on a date (woohoo!) and our babysitter, "Miss K," was to put both of our kids down for bed.  I explained to her how we put Gabe down, especially if I'm not there to feed him right at bedtime, and that swaddling helps him feel comfy and cozy.  When we got home, both kids were asleep and all was well.  Miss K told me later though, that when she was rocking Gabe to sleep, he got his arms out of the swaddle and was banging his hands at her chest. She thought he was just moving around until she realized he was holding his hands in her face signing MILK (looks like you're milking a cow).  She thought it was so precious he was doing that to her, and meanwhile I was in shock that he actually knew to do that, and I also though it was just a tad hilarious.  Hey, LADY, where's MY MILK???  Especially since he was hitting her in the chest. Oh, Gabe. Those moves won't work when you're older!!

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