Friday, January 4, 2013

2013: A new year, a new focus

Happy New Year! And just like that, we blinked our eyes and 2012 was over!  It always takes me about 4 months to get used to writing 2013 on anything that is dated ... in that regard, I foresee this year being hardly any different.

I'm not always one for New Year's Resolutions, to be honest.  I feel like it puts a lot of pressure on perfection and I know we'll never be perfect, so I ditch the unnecessary guilt-trip and just try to work with a new, clean slate.

This year, I plan to focus on some areas that could use a little upkeep.  I was inspired by this article from Harvard Business Review to choose Areas of Focus instead of specific goals (I totally don't read HBR, but G-Unit came across the article and sent it to me. Thanks for flattering me for a second thinking I was an avid reader of the HBR).  They aren't specific goals per se, but relate to areas of my life in general, so any little step in a positive direction will keep me on track.

Areas of Focus for 2013:


  • Improve fitness and overall strength.

It's ever so easy for this to happen with moms, so unless you carve out the time to do it, it won't happen, but the track and cross-country runner I was .... 11 years ago, is me no longer.  By a longshot!  I'm ready to feel strong again, especially in order to keep up with two munchkins who for whatever reason, do not stop growing!  I'll throw my back out if Gabe keeps eating at least 2 eggs everyday for breakfast.
How: My temporary voucher for Stroller Strides seems to be helping. It's not Crossfit (but hey, there's a Crossfit instructor 1x/week!), but it's in my neighborhood, super convenient to do with kids, involves aerobic and anaerobic activity, gets us outside, our blood pumping, and gives all of us some natural Vitamin D.  It's also social, which I personally find to be crucial at maintaining fitness routines.


  • Read.

That was super general, and I love reading, but I usually read articles and blogs on the internet or how-to (get your baby to sleep through the night) kind of books.  I miss getting my hands on a good magazine or fiction book and escaping reality for a minute. Time to change that.


  • Invest more one-on-one time in my grown-up relationships.

We're buddies.
The first year of Gabe's life kind of took over many of my social relationships.  I cherished my time with a little baby, and am glad I got to know him so well, but now that he's becoming more and more independent, it's okay for me to step away now and then for some gal-pal time, or for some date nights with Greg!  That's a goal for both me & Greg - more date nights.  This might mean reallocating some dollars for....babysitters.


  • Make a budget and stick to it.

In our financial relationship, Greg is definitely the nerd and I'm the free spirit. Hey, that might even translate to real life (just sayin'), but we're talking about dolla bills here and not personality assessments.  Regardless, sometimes free spirits need a little direction and firm boundaries and I might be talking about myself here.  It doesn't seem like grocery prices are going down anytime soon, so for me personally, making a budget also means making a meal plan.  Time to rev up my temporary Plan-to-Eat subscription!


  • More Bible Study.

Again, first year of a new baby's life, sometimes you feel kind of swamped. I'm starting off this year by getting back into Sunday School teaching with the 5 year olds.  We're not diving in deep into the poetry of the Old Testament, but we will be studying & teaching Exodus - Judges.  Nothing like another chance to learn about our God!


  • It could be anything.  So just pick something and go on and do it!

You ask me that question and it feels like a can of worms opens up.  There are so many things to focus on at home it feels like a never-ending list!  In general, we want to improve our home: how it looks, feels, is organized, how it's run.  This could mean reorganizing the pantry or this could mean repainting a room.  We have a secret list of goals / ideals and we'll see where we get!  I'm excited to dive back in and give some places a fresh face.

What are your areas of focus or goals for 2013? How are they going so far?  If you haven't thought much about it, does my list trigger any thoughts?  Share below!

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Tiffany Hope said...

1) Mia is an ANGEL in that picture.
2) I don't do resolutions either. I think if you want to improve something, you should do it when you think about it, not because it happens to be January.