Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo book for Gabe's 1st Year

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I finally put together this long-overdue photo book commemorating Gabe's first year. I did one for Mia for 2009, and one for her 3rd year (ages 2-3).  I enjoy doing these but it can take  a bit of time and a lot of thought trying to narrow down exactly which pictures to use! But I know I'll be thankful to have this years from now to remember the times from when Gabe was a wee one.  He just had his first haircut today and I'm not sure he's so little anymore!

Anyway, the above link is for curious long-distance grandmothers who can't yet view the photobook in real life.  Although trust me, I'm sure the real life viewing will be a lot more satisfying than a digital viewing!

PS: If you ever have any "free photo book" Shutterfly coupon codes and will not be using, throw it my way. I know a little gal who has a birthday coming up in about 3 months and I'd love to use it for her too!


Rhonda said...

Nicely done on the photo book. It will be a great memory for Gabe and all of you.

Susan said...

Love the photo book! All of you will enjoy them over the years.