Saturday, March 23, 2013

Real Food Changes: Salt

Almost every food belief I ascribe to these days probably flies in the face of modern conventional health, but if today's health scene doesn't delight you (and it probably shouldn't, seems like there are loads more diseases and obesity problems today than there were a century ago), then it might be worth a shot to start looking at some other options.

Salt has been giving a bad rap; it raises blood pressure, throws things off, and contributes to cardiovascular disease.  This is definitely true if you are using regular table salt, which is simply 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride, but may contain additives (source:
(I know, why can't the normal things we normally use just be safe?!)

But guess what, the solution isn't hard.  If you live near me, then you definitely have access to the best kind of salt, REAL sea salt, just a few minutes down the road at your health food store. You might even be able to find it at Super Target (I did once & did an internal happy dance)!  It is delicious, full of minerals, and is all-natural.  If you are reading this blog then I also assume you have access to the internet and you can find it online at as well! Link here: Redmond Real Sea Salt.  Redmond also sells as these major retailers:

Why this kind of sea salt?
According to The Healthy Home Economist, "celtic sea salt contains over 80 minerals, including iodine, and is part of a healthy diet [...] helps normalize all functions in the body that require salt to take place such as protein and carbohydrate digestion, brain development in children, and optimal functioning of the adrenal glands" (source: choosing a healthy salt).
If your salt is purely white, it means that most of the nutrition and minerals have been removed!

I love throwing this salt on my savory dishes, and using it in baking.  It is delightful on popcorn, scrambled eggs, or mixed in with ground beef to make hamburger patties.  You can even order little travel-size shakers of Real Sea Salt so you never have to dine without it!  Horses love it too.  (Just ask my brother Luke.)

What's your favorite kind of salt? Have you ever tried the pink salts? Himalayan? Real sea salt?

I'm craving something salty for a quick snack!


laura said...

Yesss. Can I pat myself on the back because (at Jenny B's suggestion) I purchased this at WF probably a year ago? Such an easy thing to implement. The cost is negligible.

Lauren Wickersheim said...

I replaced my regular table salt with iodized sea salt when I heard that the iodine could help my thyroid problems, but then I learned more and realized even that was way overprocessed. I switched to pink Himalayan sea salt several months ago and I love it! Turns out a friend had given me a full grinder as a wedding present and I had stuffed it in to a cabinet not knowing the jewel I had! Still using it!