Monday, May 20, 2013

Growing Kids...

Last week both Mia & Gabe had their well-checkups.  Mia, for her 4 year, and Gabe, for his 18-month checkup.  Both kids were lookin' good and all checked out fine.  One of the questions they asked me about Gabe in terms of his developmental milestones were if he could say at least 15-20 words.  I sat there, a little perplexed, trying to remember if he could say 15-20 words.  I thought he could probably say at least 15, so that's what I answered.  I just couldn't think of all of them at the time.

This past weekend, we were eating breakfast Saturday morning rather leisurely and I got out a pen and paper and started writing down all the words I knew Gabe could say.  It started off with the easy ones, like, "daddy, momma, sis-sis," and before I knew it, it had morphed into a list of over 20 words!  As the weekend wore on, I kept hearing Gabe say other words, or I'd think of other words I knew he could say, and I continued to update the list.  As of this list, I have around 40 words that I know he can say:

  1. daddy
  2. momma
  3. sis-sis
  4. banana ('mana)
  5. apple
  6. Hosanna
  7. no
  8. mh-mmm
  9. snack
  10. milk
  11. help (sounds like "up")
  12. Maddie (mah-eee)
  13. toodles
  14. water
  15. uh-oh
  16. what
  17. look
  18. bird
  19. that
  20. dog
  21. bible
  22. phone
  23. up
  24. down
  25. tickle-tickle
  26. hi
  27. ta-da
  28. socks
  29. shoes
  30. thank you (day-doo)
  31. please (peaz)
  32. hot
  33. eggs
  34. bye-bye
  35. sure (sho')
  36. night-night
  37. stuck
  38. backpack
  39. truck (duck)
  40. hug
  41. potty
  42. Isaac
  43. tacos
  44. song

Of course, most of these words are most intelligible to his immediate family members, so it might take some interpretation or context to figure out exactly what he's saying, but it usually becomes clear.

Who knew we'd have two talkers?! :D

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laura said...

I'm glad "Maddie" is one of his 41 words!