Thursday, May 16, 2013

That one time my kids endeared themselves to a Home Depot employee

Munchkins on Mother's Day
Lots of times I find myself telling the silly or ridiculous stories about my children, usually for comic relief or to share in the "we're all crazy!!!" craziness.  We all love those stories and they are fun to tell.  Likewise, I also find it helpful to share the good stories, the ones that redeem your faith in humanity (or, just your children) from time to time too.  We need to share the good, lest we forget.

So here's another one for ya.

Last Friday night after we ate at Moe's (welcome to Moooooe's!) we ran over to Home Depot to get my Mother's Day gift.  Awh, isn't that sweet? What mom doesn't shop at Home Depot for Mother's Day? Well actually, we were going to get a spice rack for our pantry, and seriously, I wanted that for Mother's Day. Like, for real.  I really need my spices organized.  In a rack.

It kind of looked like this, except in a cart, at Home Depot...
and so, not really like this at all.
Also, Home Depot for men is like Target for women.  You can just keep walking around and around, and finding more stuff that you think would make your home awesome. Well, we found the spice rack we wanted, and were walking around looking at random things, when the kids, who were securely seated in one of those race-car carts, started getting a little fussy.  So I decided to see if they could distract themselves by seeing if they could give each other a hug (brilliant mom moment, right?).  They both have their affectionate moments, and they seemed to be aligned that night so they began hugging each other, a lot.  I'm not going to lie, it was adorable.  You'd think I'd have the perfect picture of them doing it too because I'm always snapping pics of them, but I was afraid if I moved in front of them to snap a picture, they'd stop doing it, or they'd want to hold my phone, and the moment would be over. So I just stood behind them pushing the cart, mentally savoring this moment of mutual adoration and love they were having for each other.

The moment was kind of like a mashup of this and the last picture.
(also don't try this stroller maneuver at home)
We were approaching the checkout, and the employee behing the register was just completely *endeared*.  He was lovin' it!! As they kept on hugging, releasing, and then hugging again, he was exclaiming, "Oh my goodness! I just love this! These kids are so cute! They are making my day!  This is the cutest thing ever.  Oh my goodness!" and putting his hands on his head like,  WOAH.

Greg and I both knew this was not completely normal behavior for our kids, but we did not try to excuse it like, "Oh, sometimes they fight!" or, "You should've seen them earlier.  Just horrible!" We just laughed and smiled along with the guy and I might've said something like, "I just asked if they could give each other a hug and this is what they started doing..." and then as we were wheeling the still-hugging kids out of the store, Mia shouts, "BIBLLLLLE!" (bible)  She does that because she knows it's one of the words Gabe can say, so if she's trying to coax Gabe into talking, she'll say, "bible!" or "Da-da!" to see if he'll respond.  That "bible" shout was like the cherry on top for this Home Depot employee.  I think he might have gone to Nirvana after that; our kids just lifted his soul so much.

And so that was how my squirrelly, rambunctious and crazy-fast growing kids made the night of an employee at Home Depot.

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