Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oh, hi there!

Oh, hi!

It feels like it's been ages, because in a way, it has. Have I fallen out of love with blogging?  Not necessarily -- the wheels still are turning up in this brain.  I think, however, as the kids get older, I'm feeling more a sense of security & privacy, and not necessarily wanting to blast "everything" (not that I blasted all information before, but it was certainly more forthcoming).  

And I know like some other bloggers out there, the shift is focusing away from blogging and more to a social media presence. Well, I have my Instagram community and I'm happy with that, and occasionally I share things on Facebook or Twitter, but it's not like it was before.  I do miss the practice of blogging though ... what about you??

Energy Profiling

In other news, my new latest obsession is called Energy Profiling, also known as a program called "Dressing Your Truth." At first I was a bit skeptical of the title -- what does dressing my truth mean? As it turns out, it means dressing in a way that best supports your natural energy. You probably know everyone around you carries a different energy or mood. Some are more laid-back, some are high-energy, some are very constant and still, and some are intense, maybe even pushy.  Sometimes these energies can get a bad rap, because from our particular vantage point, they do not make sense to us. And vice versa. Our natural energy can be misunderstood by those around us because they may not share in it themselves, or because culturally there's a "best, better, good" sort of assumption about how a good person should act!  
Well, energy profiling has taken all those assumptions, labels, and energies, and found a nice way to categorize and help people identify their type.  After much video-watching on their website and blog, I've determined I'm a type 1.  Bright, animated, buoyant, random, light, airy, social, likes to have fun. And not so much serious.  (And finally, that's not a bad thing!!)  I think my secondary may be type 3, or type 2, and my last is type 4.  Coincidentally, my BFF is a type 4, and what do they say? Opposites attract? We certainly balance each other out :) In the end, when you know type energy profile/"truth," you can dress in a way that harmonizes with who you really are, so how you look on the outside is just a natural reflection of who you are on the inside.  It all gels.   

Are you interested?  It really piqued my interest, but I have always been interested in human nature and how people interact with one another and how best to incorporate these personalities -- probably why I majored in psychology and wanted a job where I worked with others.  Even more so now that I have two different personalities in my children!  I can share more about that in a future post, as well as my opinion on Greg's energy profile too.  

Any ideas your energy profile? Have you ever investigated this?

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