Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Great Purge

Fun and messy may be two of my tag words, but I'm slowly working on eradicating "messy" from my life...
Maybe I should be realistic and realize it's not my strong suit, but hey, we are having a good time today in the pursuit of the PURGE and I'm getting excited about getting rid of STUFF.  Too much stuff = too much brain clutter = not good times for anyone.

The hard part is the emotional attachment to some of these items. Not my clothes, really, at all, but things related to my children? Absolutely. I remember from whom the toys or gifts were received, or why I bought that for them, or what purpose I believed it would be used...and now we don't want it anymore? How could that be? Well, I am allowing myself to believe that they have served their purposes in our home, and now they can be a blessing in someone else's, perhaps!

The hardest gut-wrenching one is listing my Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy's been a great bag to have, but the truth is, it's been collecting dust on my bedroom floor for the last several months! I've been jutting around with just my favorite BIG purses the last couple of months now that Gabe is definitely out of baby-land, and I want to sell my PPB before it's truly past its prime.  
Grandparents and loyal friends may be wondering...WILL YOU EVER NEED ANOTHER DIAPER BAG? I'm not ruling it out! But I'm also giving myself the opportunity to get a new one, if I need one! Shopping's half the fun of a new kid, right?  

If you are interested in shopping my closet, here's the link to my Facebook sale!

And here's my Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy know you want it!

$60 or best offer and she could be yours!!

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