Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy Daycare

The first week of Mia's life was not exactly what we expected, but some really good things came out of those stress filled days. One benefit of spending seven nights in a tiny hospital room was that the three of us were rarely apart. That helped us bond in a way that may not have happened otherwise. As a father looking back, I'm thankful for that outcome. During Mia's first week Megan was in no position, apart from feeding, to be very active. I spent many days and nights with Mia, tracking down nurses, and accompanying the little girl to blood draws. Time we affectionately called "Daddy Daycare".

Now that Megan is back on her feet and I'm back at work, the hours of "Daddy Daycare" are more limited. But occasionally Megan will venture out and leave me at home with the little princess. Mia clearly has lots of fun hanging out with Dad. She can name every player in the Rays starting lineup and cheered on the US men's national (soccer) team with me in the Confederation Cup. We also make time for staring at ceiling fans, perfecting her smile, and burping competitions.

The other day Megan left the two of us at home while she ran out. Mia was playing in her bouncy seat not making a sound (except for her usual squeaks). From where I was sitting her face was hidden. After a while I got up to check on her and came across this:

Oops. Oh well, "Daddy Daycare" is still the best.


Megan said...

Were you watching Star Trek with her again?

Rose said...

I can totally relate to Mia here...what girl didn't slide her super thick headband over her eyes as a fashion nod to Jordy LaForge? I certainly did.

Rhonda said...

This is funny Greg. I guess this is one way to put Mia to sleep.

Tami said...

Chloe would do that with her hats too, when we first brought her home. So adorable!