Thursday, June 25, 2009

"I'm a talker!"

Way before Mia was born, I had 2 different dreams about Mia being able to talk.

The earlier dream took place the day Mia was born. She was being held by someone else, but she turned around and looked at me and said, "I'm a talker!" really enthusiastically. I thought...that's cool. Of course, dreams are often a mix of reality and illusion/fantasy, so the fact that a newborn was so vocal didn't really faze me. I just liked the heads-up about her loquacity.

In the other dream, Mia came early--at 30 weeks--and was okay healthwise, and she was already at home from the birth. But the panic was of course I didn't have any furniture or barely any supplies for her. So I didn't know where to put her at night that my cat wouldn't try to sleep next to her so I was trying to find drawers or stable places to prepare a little soft padded spot for her. And before I found her a sleeping spot, she was reading aloud the information off the side of a bottle. Like, "100% all natural, fresh ingredients." Greg & I were very impressed with this very smart young one. Of course she tuckered herself out from reading so she fell asleep mid sentence.

Well, she may not be talking in full sentences or reading nutrition information off of food labels, but, she's starting to find her voice! Hang in there, it starts to perk up around the 30-sec spot!

Mia Talks from Megan Ciampa on Vimeo.


Rose said...

i swear i heard a little "hello" in her rant.

Lauren Bingham said...

Your daughter is delightful. I hope to meet her (and speak with her) before she is thirty. :)