Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new meaning to the feeling "torn" & new adventures

As parents for just these 7 weeks, we've left Mia on her own with friend/family supervision more than a few times. Prior to this past weekend, most of these occasions were by necessity and not by choice.

However, this past weekend we were invited to a wedding for a former colleague of mine. This would mean getting to see several of the people with whom I worked this past year as well as maybe getting some good food, not to mention witness another marriage being formed! We took advantage of this invite and left Mia in the very capable hands of her aunt & uncle. While we were at the wedding and reception though, I couldn't help but think of Mia again and again, and wondering how she was, and if everything was okay. Here we were, at a wedding, being able to "get out," do something without the baby (isn't this what parents say they dream of?) and instead of being all smiles with my husband, I think my face looked more like this: :-\ Or in other words, "conflicted." I did smile a few times, but this going out thing without the baby isn't what I anticipated.

Aside from going out on our own as parents, Mia and I are becoming just a bit more adventurous in our own outings. Sometimes they have failed miserably and I've just turned the car around and gone home, but other times, thankfully, I've been able to go straight through and complete several errands at the same time. Like yesterday, for instance, we met a friend for brunch at Panera, went through Walgreens drive-thru pharmacy, dropped an overdue DVD off at Blockbuster ("Mamma Mia," how appropriate), quickly strolled through Publix and picked up some necessities, and deposited a check at the bank. Fortunately, all of these places are within 2 miles of our house, which is part of the reason why it was so easy. The other part is, after getting a bottle at Panera and smiling and wiggling around in her seat for a while, she konked out for the rest of the trip! Thank you!

It's the small things now that make each day a success!

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