Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Now that Megan has called me out in the two previous posts, I suppose it's time to write a little something about our Phoenix trip.

Megan, Mia, and I spent the second week in February vacationing in Arizona. It was great to head out west again after nearly two years since our last visit. We do have some history, in fact, in Phoenix. In 2005 , before we started dating, Megan and I traveled to Phoenix with a group of friends over spring break. Actually I took a trip and Megan tagged along, but that story is for another time. Then in 2008 we returned to join the entire Wiley family for a week of vacation in the hot sun. This time around we got to share the experience for the first time with little Mia. Unfortunately the entire Wiley clan was not able to make it this year, but the three of us joined Jack, Rhonda, Nate, and Jenna for the week. The weather was nice but not quite warm enough to sit by the pool. We spent more days sight seeing and exploring than we did on the previous trip. Mia seemed to enjoy herself on all the outings but most of all enjoyed lots of family time with Uncle Nate, Aunt Jenna, Mommo, and Papa Jack. Below are some pictures and highlights from the trip. Enjoy.

Babies fly free

Overlooking Phoenix from South Mountain

Mia greeting all of you from the botanical gardens

Mia showing you how it's done with tangerines

Hiking in Sedona

The entire crew


Rhonda said...

Nicely documented!

Rose said...

sigh. love this fam and i'm jealous of the sun. looks like a swell time.

Megan said...

[Babies] on a plane!

lp said...

I just laughed to myself because right before I read the sentence "Actually I took a trip with my friends and Megan tagged along..." I thought to myself that was one awkward trip and they didn't go "together with friends." LOL! OH MY! I loved your dating relationship! Glad you had a good trip!

smithmargareth01 said...

I am glad that you really had a nice and enjoyable vacation at Arizona..!I love all the photos,the baby looks so cute.!Great post,thanks for sharing your story..!

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