Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a sneak peak

While Greg surmises his thoughts about our trip I thought I'd give you all a little teaser about something else...

In my corner of the world, I occasionally receive questions about certain atypical things that I do as a person or a mom, mostly related to mothering. It usually starts off along the lines of a well-meaning question, "What prompted you to choose ___?"

Since I have been asked about a few things in particular of late, I've decided to dedicate a few posts to these topics that may be helpful whether the reader is a parent or not -- who knows, you may be sitting in my shoes one day and think, "Man, I'm really glad Megan posted about _____ that one time." I'd like my shoes back though when you are done with them. Anyway, if you're really not interested in the topic, feel free to skip right over it. I'm sure there will be tons of other entries as we go along filled with pictures of Mia the Bambina growing up all big 'n stuff.

Posts you can anticipate in hopefully the near future:
About Cloth Diapering
About Natural Childbirth
About Feeding - EP style

Makes me sound of kooky, doesn't it? Well before you think I'm totally crazy let me just tell you flat-out that I don't try to be one or the other when it comes to parenting. I'd like to think I'm "eclectic". There are lots of way to do things and I do not submit that my ways are better OR that there is only one way to do diapering, childbirth, or feeding, what have you. Rather, these are situations we as a family have come to where we've made a choice often times based on a preexisting condition or preference, and we chose what seemed best or made the most sense for us at the time, and I always try to leave the door open if a change needs to be made. I will discuss some of these specifics when I write about each subject. But stay could get interesting!


Anonymous said...

Ok- so I have been "blog stalking" you for a while now... It's true... and I could not be more excited about this new "series" I will call it. I have two pregnant friends that are due any day and both are going to be using cloth diapers, etc. I am so excited to see your take!! Yay!

Katie Truex :)

Megan said...

A-ha! One of my favorite moments in blogland is when a blog stalker comes forward to identify him/herself. Glad you have taken an interest in these will spur me on to make sure I follow through and write about them -- and soon! (I'll probably start with the diapers first since it's actually the most asked about topic.)

Rose said...

Looking forward to seeing how Eden Prairiens feed their children.