Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Week in the Life of Mia -- A Photo Essay

Sometimes you just need to snap some pictures. This past week provided many opportunities for that. Here's a peak into the life of a now 10 month old Mia!

pinning the sprinkle onto the cupcake at 1 yr old's birthday party

smuggling in some goodies @ the new Five Guys

playing with a pacifier attached to a clip ... Mia's own num-chucks*
hanging out before church, gearing up for 1st visit to the babies bible class!

trying to console cousin Braden for picture time

sneaking into the kitchen

doing some personal shopping @ the grocery store*

watching lots of Olympics with Daddy ("Go Apolo!")*

'Twas a good week.

*photos courtesy of Greg's iPhone


Megan said...

I know I'm commenting on my own blog, but after reviewing the pictures (again), I just LOVE her squishy, pudgy little arms!

JT Ess said...

sending the link on to amy... good pics!

Anonymous said...

cutest ever!! :)

susan said...

I enjoy all of the pics! She's so beautiful . . . can't wait to see her!

Rose said...

give her a good squeeze for me!