Monday, April 18, 2011

didn't see that one coming...

Mia has been waking up about once per night for the last week or so.  If I go into her room she stops crying for a minute but then cries for daddy persistently.  Instead of wrestling with her for what feels like forever, usually Greg will come in and help get her settled back to sleep. Lately if she's woken up and I can't settle her, I try to go back to bed myself, but by that point my brain is so awake it's gotten really hard for me to settle.  There have been a few nights over the last week where it's taken me an hour to get back to sleep.  

When this ended up happening last night, I lay in bed planning Mia's birthday party.  It's this coming weekend, at our house (EEK!) and I have felt so unprepared.  I have a theme, and a few ideas, but I hadn't thought through all the logistics.  Where for that? What for this? And how?  But after thinking through a lot of the options and getting some suggestions from friends, I've come up with a plan and just this morning ordered a bunch of the supplies from Oriental Trading Company.  Their items were quite inexpensive but unfortunately I got hit with a shipping charge :-/.  Oh well, ain't nothing a coupon code ($10 off) can't help. 

Well, after figuring all that out during the wee hours of 2 and 3am, I was hoping Mia would "sleep in" till past 8 (as she has been doing just a bit lately--so nice).  Well, instead she was up at 6:45 crying for daddy.  I went into her room and was shocked at what I saw.  There was throw-up all over her bed and down her (white) PJ shirt.  Uh-oh.  As soon as I said, "Oh no Mia, what happened?" She stopped crying and said, "Yeah."  That's sometimes her response to our questions; it doesn't always make sense but it's funny.  
She had had 1.5 hot dogs last night at dinner, some canteloupe and watermelon, and a few bites of popcorn.  It was a "big" dinner, but she didn't eat a lot at lunch, so we figured she was legitimately hungry.  However, maybe she was overfull.
Greg put her in the bath right away while I started stripping her bed and rinsing stuff off in the sink (blech!)  She threw up a tiny amount one more time in the bath (so sad!) and since then, hasn't thrown up yet.  She's only had a little bit to eat: crackers, a couple ounces of milk, and a few pieces of banana.  She hasn't been super hungry yet, but she's already been rubbing her eyes this morning.

We're watching Sesame Street and taking it easy.  Here's hoping the yukkies are just a one time thing.  I have been *blessed* up to this point in that Mia has rarely thrown up in her lifetime.  Just a couple of times, usually a reaction to food or motion sickness in the car. Not sure what I'd do if she had a stomach bug.  

Here's a picture from a better time this past weekend.  We went out to eat and got yogurt after dinner.  It was a perfect night Friday night!
2 peas in a pod


Tiffany said...

You are so lucky! Knox has thrown up A LOT. Vomit on tatami mats is not a good thing. Several times, all three of us have had to change our clothes and takes baths twice in one night! And all the bedding! I hope Mia feels better now!

Megan said...

Unfortunately since this posting, she has thrown up 2 more times. Right after her nap and right before bed. Hmm...not really sure what the culprit is here or if it's a tame stomach bug. Her mood & behavior seem totally normal.
Sorry Tiff - what are tatami mats like? Does Knox sleep on the "floor"?