Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Our Week

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley"
(The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry) - Robert Burns, To a Mouse, 1785

While Mia & I may not be mice, or men, our plans this week have gang aft agley.  Not sure if that's the right verb usage, but I think you catch our drift.

After Mia got sick Monday, we thought we were in the clear.  She wasn't necessarily eating normally the days that followed, but the rest of her schedule was normal.  And then Wednesday afternoon we both woke up from our naps (yes, I definitely took one too), I felt a little funky.  Funkier than I had been feeling.  Greg got home from work and I started throwing up.  I thought maybe it would be just a one-time thing and began to lay down.  However, less than an hour later, it started up again.
Greg started taking control of all the evening's activities and got he and Mia ready for bible class while I stayed back.  It was a good thing I didn't try to go, because for the next several hours I would be making quick runs to the bathroom to hug the porcelain throne.  Greg stopped by the healthfood store and picked up some necessities for me that would hopefully lessen the severity of my symptoms.  After he and Mia got home I began taking my little pellets and after a few more hours of stomach buggyness, it subsided and a bit prior to midnight I was able to fall asleep.

[And let me interject here to say that Greg is an all-star daddy (& husband).  He knows his little one so well and knows just how to take care of her.  I think it all began the moment she was born when he tended to her right away and thus began their immediate bonding, plus the middle of the night feedings when he'd help out, and the times when I needed his daddy-daycare in place so I could take care of some things for me.  He has really learned what Mia needs and even though I take care of a lot of the household things, he knows just what to do with Mia--no questions asked!]

Thursday I woke up feeling weak & dehydrated.  My joints were achy and it confirmed that I must've caught some bug.   Greg took a sick day on my behalf and was basically a stay-at-home-dad for most of Thursday.  I did try to help out with a few things, but mostly relegated myself to the couch or my bed.  By Thursday night, after actually eating some dinner, I regained some energy, just in time for Mia to toss her cookies right before bed.  It seemed very familiar to what I had gone through Wednesday night, so both Greg & I were fearful that Mia was going to have a more severe reaction and barf the rest of the night.  However, she magically was spared my fate.  She hadn't had much of an appetite all day Thursday, but had her typical bottle of coconut milk before bed and that was what made a reappearance.
Should've known.

After that, and realizing we didn't know when this infestation would stop, and we still had at least a day's worth of prep to get ready for Mia's birthday party Saturday (and who feels like cooking, cleaning or baking after being stomach-sick?), we sorrowfully decided we needed to postpone Mia's 2nd birthday party.  Such a bummer because all the themed materials arrived Thursday (can anyone say Easter?) and seeing as Easter is this Sunday, all these supplies will seem a bit out of date now that the party's postponed.  However, this seems to be in the best interest of our family & our guests.  And maybe we'll just have to come up with another theme!

trying a smoothie pop /
 birthday boxes in the background

Well, even though it's been a less than ideal week, we're going to run a few quick errands to get out of the house.  Greg is back at work today, and to keep Mia and myself from going stir-crazy we're going to return the library books I've renewed twice, and stop by Pier 1 to see if they'll let me exchange a curtain panel that's just a bit too long... and see if they have any nice spring wreaths for the front door (late but not too late).

Here's hoping the sickness is gone.  As I've been jokingly telling everybody else, take a probiotic on our behalf.

And like Mandy says on their blog, Sign Language, Rachel Coleman from Signing Time is awesome.  Wish I would've grabbed the $10 DVD sale this past Wednesday.  We've been watching a lot of "Ti' Ti'" this past week ... 

Alright, that's all for now.  Stay well, dear friends!

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