Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I guess Easter bunnies still come even when you've been sick, thankfully!

On the hunt with Uncle Luke
Mia and I were finally able to venture out today after a week of total crud-like feelings, while poor Greg, who muscled through it for our sake earlier in the week, was struck by the same beast late Saturday.  He's currently conked out on the bed.

"Distant" cousins, Molly & Mia,
both modeling "Millie's Bows"
better shot of babes, not of mamas
(Kristin & moi)

Getting to church this morning felt like a major milestone.  Aside from forgetting the crayons, Mia and I had everything we needed and made it through almost the whole sermon up until the last 10 minutes, when a desperate plea for an apple turned into laying down in the middle of the aisle.  Needless to say, I scooped the little one up and took her out for a chat (and maybe a bite of that apple).  

Dear friends & family of ours had graciously invited us over, no food required, for an Easter potluck and while I was bummed Greg could not make it, I was so glad to be back in the land of the living where Mia and I could socialize like normal human beings.  They even had a mini Easter egg hunt, which we had sorely missed the last two days for two different events, and Mia really really racked up.  Uncle Luke scored several assists.
slam dunk!
Even Caroline, my SIL's sister, graciously helped Mia.  Caroline definitely earned that hug she got from Mia at the end of the afternoon!

Caroline & Mia searching for the remaining eggs
Sometimes, it really feels like it takes a village, and I'm glad for the one we're in.  

Mia will be 2 on Tuesday.

Here's to stomach's settling, appetites returning, and health improving.  And another wonderful year with:

The Mia-Meister

Happy Easter, everyone!  Christ is RISEN.  

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Rose said...

happy birthday, MIA! i can't believe you're two.