Friday, May 27, 2011


... or shall we call it, what I've been eating?  Thanks to the 2nd trimester kicking in (how did we already get here?) and *most* nausea dissipating, my appetite has finally returned and I'm hoping we're past the land of can-you-please-pick-up-some-takeout?  Because after all of us getting sick in late April, I'm pretty convinced our junky eating is what sent us all to the porcelain throne.

I had told myself prior to getting pregnant a 2nd time I would fully intend on eating a healthy, nutritious, good-fat loving diet.  However, about 6-7 weeks after I saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test and the food aversions & nausea kicken in, all those good intentions flew out the window.  I experienced some mega-guilt for a while and wished that all the things I used to make in the kitchen would have sounded appetizing, or that I'd have either the energy, stomach or nose to tolerate making them, but alas, I didn't.  So I had to stop kicking myself in the shins and just let it be for a while.  One thing that made our load lighter was going ahead and ordering some Dinner Done meals that are prepared ahead of time with real ingredients, and then frozen, which allow you to pop them in the oven or cook them on a skillet at your leisure.

Now that I feel better though, I'm much more inspired to eat well again.   This is what has been gracing our dinner table recently:
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Fresh salad with pecans, strawberries, cheese & homemade balsamic vinaigrette (this is seriously the BEST; Sarah, the author, is currently one of my favorite good-food resources)
  • Homemade chicken salad (I combined pieces of my roasted chicken with homemade mayo, added some salt & pepper and chopped onion, and voila, Greg was very happy)
  • Homemade mayonnaise using adaptations on the following recipes (Nourished & Nurtured & Mommypotamus).  I used mostly sunflower oil & some olive oil, and then followed the proportions on mommypotamus' blog.  The main difference is I did not use coconut oil, because sometimes it hardens, and I already use so much of it, I wanted a different flavor.Just made my own mayo following @mommypotamus recipe. Yum!  on Twitpic
  • Almond flour pancakes
  • Sweet potato fries
I have much thanks to give to the women who write the following blogs:
Heather @ Mommypotamus
Ann-Marie @ Cheeseslave

They have so many excellent recipes if you're trying to follow any kind of paleo/primal, GAPS or healthy & nourishing kind of diet (with no processed foods & less emphasis on grains and sugars).  I am not 100% all the time, but when I do prepare food this way I feel infinitely better.  

What have you enjoyed noshing on lately?  Please be a doll or a gent and share your favorite recipes below!


Rose said...

i've made homemade mayonnaise...but since i'm scared of mayo in general (maybe it's the raw eggs?), it didn't get another try. oddly enough, i have made a vegan mayo that was made with tofu, olive oil, lemon, salt that i liked. i also sub in yogurt for mayo at times...

i have been obsessed with this raw asparagus salad...perfect for all the asparagus in our csa basket! so simple but addicting. i didn't have pine nuts so I just used toasted almonds (or maybe it was walnuts). i've also made this without nuts. still awesome.

Tiffany said...

I am so intimidated by the kitchen these days. Since we got to Japan I have only cooked a handful of times, and I think I might have given Knox food poisoning on one of those occasions. I think I have totally forgotten how to cook, and I wasn't that great in the first place! I hope I get it back someday. Good luck staying motivated and healthy!

Christian, Wife, Mommy, Friend said...

MMMM...after reading this...I just want to make a trip to dinner done to make my load a little easier this next month - and I'm not preggo - just lazy with cooking meals lately!