Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shout out for Scout

Some of you may know our friends, the McCauleys.  They have a little girl just a month older than Mia, named Scout.  They are in Baltimore at John's Hopkins Hospital this week awaiting Scout's heart surgery to replace her aortic valve.  That's right, she's two, and having heart surgery.  Pretty big stuff, if you ask me.

They have a website at http://shoutoutforscout.com they're continually updating with the happenings and it lays out some specific prayer requests for Wednesday's surgery:

1. Get rid of the aneurysm
2. Close Scout’s hole in her heart (ASD)
3. Preserve Scout’s valve leading to her aortic root (this is very important)
4. No bleeding, infection, stroke, need for pacemaker, or death
5. Rapid, Smooth, recovery
-Scout’s complete healing
-The surgeons’ skill and completion of surgery safely
- No complications afterward
-the strength and calmness for the family, that only the Lord can provide.
-the chance for Scout to grow up without major health complications.
- a peace that passes understanding with all that happens.
Think God is capable of this?  I do.  
"For nothing is impossible with God.” - Luke 1:37

So if you will, pray for this little girl & her family with many of us today who are scattered around the globe.  


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