Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Every little baby is a miracle...

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I'm not usually one to tear up at diaper commercials, and we don't even buy a lot of disposables since Mia still wears cloth, but I saw this Pampers commercial during an onslaught of baby shows back to back on TLC this afternoon while trying to "unwind" for a few and almost teared up.

Over the past couple of years my eyes have been opened to the miracles that are babies.  Seeing friends enter parenthood and experience the joy that comes in a brand new child, or watching friends who have struggled with fertility issues finally conceive, or consoling a friend after the loss of an unborn child, I now believe every baby is a person worth celebrating, whether he/she was here for 18 days or has been around for 3 years.  As Greg & I move forward with this pregnancy, we are reminded of our blessings and pray for those who seek these blessings as well.  Each day we let ourselves get a little more attached to this unborn munchkin and pray he/she is healthy and developing well and that this pregnancy can roll out as it should in due time.  Your prayers would be appreciated too!

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Amy said...

Love that commercial! I am currently SO in love with a certain baby and everything that goes along with the newborn stage. I'm so excited for you...there's something so peaceful and magical about the second pregnancy I think...you realize just how quickly it goes by and try to soak it in so much more.

And by the way, thank you. Thank you for your sweet comments, your prayers, and your encouragement the last few months. You are a sweet friend.