Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Cue David Bowie.

And cue a movement.

At least for now, we're celebrating one tiny step in Mia-kind.  The "transition" to the big girl bed.  We know full well it could backfire on us later tonight, or sometime tomorrow, and while I'd be discouraged I believe I'd understand.  Little kids can only do and fight through so much before they just need some comfort.

But today we got much more done in Mia's room and made it more like her own and tonight, after a little while of waffling and getting up, Mia laid down in her bed and fell asleep!

SO proud ;)

After Greg painted the room over the weekend, it was time to set up the furniture that had been awkwardly huddled in the middle of the room.  Greg and I started set up the basic bones of the room while Mia looked on (and eagerly tried to help) and after she went down to sleep (in the nursery) we came back to review the progress. 

Furniture huddled in room / a peek at the paint color
(and where the chair rail will go)
 It still felt a little cold and I was worried it wouldn't warm up.

walking into the room

my old desk! (and greg's old sunrise alarm clock)

view from the desk/closet corner

However later today, Mia and I started to move things from the nursery that were clearly "hers" that will stay with her into this room and it immediately started to warm up.  I put some artwork on the wall -- conveniently there were still some holes in the wall from the former artwork that was hung there, and started adorning the shelves on the desk, as well as decorating the nightstand & dresser.  It's still not yet finished, but it looks a lot more FUN and childish than it did before.  The quilt at the end of the bed isn't even the original quilt I have in mind for the room's theme (it's in the laundry), but it still adds a necessary pop of color to a green room.

playing on her new bed
(not pictured: the bed rail installed after this picture)

I had to run out after dinner to pick something up and Greg started the bath and bedtime routine with Mia while I was gone, and when I opened the door when I got home, I could hear Mia excitedly shouting at me, "I in Mia's bed, Mommy!"

It took a little cajoling and soothing but after some encouragement Mia fell asleep in her bed.  These changes aren't just big for her -- they are big for us too.  It feels crazy to see my little girl sleeping in such a huge bed all by herself.  She seemed a little scared sitting in her bed in the dark when I walked in at one point to help her get settled, and I felt so bad for her. It made me realize even though she's a "big girl" just how tiny she still is.  She's just two.  I don't want to force her to grow up but I do want to encourage her to enjoy her new room, new bed and these new milestones.  So even if she gets up in the night or toddles into our room at an early hour ... we will recognize this very BIG achievement of falling asleep in the new bed.

And now, I must find cute ways to adorn bambino's room.  It looks SO bare with all of Mia's accessories gone.  Hopefully when the artwork arrives it'll help.  But poor guy is about to move into a modern minimalist room...for now!


Lauren Bingham said...

That is a HUGE milestone!!! Congratulations to ALL of you! I am sure having a new baby makes a 2 year old seem so big but she is still just a baby! I hope all the coming transitions go as smoothly as this one has (so far!) :)

Leah said...

She looks so small in that bed!!! Hope the transition continues to go well!